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2640 W. Palomino Dr.

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Mon-Fri 8am - 6pm

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We offer our colonic colonics to the Arizona, Phoenix, Ahwatukee, Florence, Sun Lakes, Queen Creek, Casa Grande, Maricopa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler area. Our Services include colonic irrigation hydrotherapy, Liver Detox, Coffee Inplants, detox & detoxification, Scenar therapy, Cosmodic therapy, enema buckets, lymphatic drainage massage, herbs and herbal solutions, and Voicebio.

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 Lymphatic drainage massage 


Introductory Price:


1.5 hour session

(Regular price: $95)


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Guidelines for Optimum Results on HCG, the Zone Diet, & Detox Programs

What to bring: Your water bottle. Ask for Liquid Chlorophyll to put in your water

Bring a loose fitting t-shirt and loose fitting shorts to wear when receiving the protocol.

Eating and Drinking to optimize your lymphatic drainage experience:


  • Caffeine
  • Red Meat
  • All Sugars (including honey)
  • White Flour products (bread, pasta)
  • Carbonated Drinks, including carbonated water
  • Alcohol and non-prescribed drugs
  • Nicotine (avoid as much as possible)

DO DRINK 2 quarts or more per day of distilled, filtered, or spring water. Water helps the body to rest and begin its cleansing process. Fruits, vegetables, and herb teas are great!

Lymphatic Massage helps your body get rid of dietary toxins and greatly support any cleansing program you are in. The key behind detoxification massage is movement. We employ a series of rhythmic movements that stimulate your body. The massage movements include irregular and altering applications of pressure that gently compress and stretch your muscle tissues.

  1. The lymphatic system is one of the main elimination systems of the body that is integral in the detoxification process.
  2. It is responsible for the absorption of food nutrients and it also creates a waste disposal system in your body.
  3. With the series of strokes, detoxification massage aids your lymphatic system to clear dietary toxins and other unwanted substances. These body toxins are actually by-products of stress, dead cells, heavy metals and other excess debris from your cells.
  4. You can also enhance your immune system, strengthen the muscles, aid in weight balancing (since it is a non oil massage it can be used on the HCG program,) and toughen your connective tissue.
  5. The massage therapy session can remove blockages of the circulatory system.
  6. In addition, detoxification massage can also help prevent health conditions including fatigue, headaches, fibromyalgia, weight imbalance, and other system dysfunctions that result from the presence of toxins in your body.
  7. Some people also attest that massage therapy can help them in keeping their mental status at a normal level.
  8. With Lymphatic Drainage Massage, your muscles are relaxed, detoxification is enhanced.
  9. Receiving lymphatic massage during pregnancy can help relieve the unique aches and pains caused by extra weight, swelling, shifting body alignment, and changing hormones. Research has shown that regular pregnancy massage actually contributes to shorter labor and can reduce complications.
  10.  If are pregnant, you may want to obtain permission from your doctor for massage.


Not a do it yourself style of colonic.

Treatment and equipment are based upon the famous Dr. Wood's Chicago Clinic. Our licensed therapists are highly trained to perform the therapy. Our systems are closed and gravity flow. Not the do it yourself type. You will not be left alone.

 Emergency Patients

We accept emergency patients, but you must call ahead of time and make arrangements. Specials do not apply to emergency patients and our fee is $80 minimum and $80 per hour after the first hour. Many times these cases are complex, require more time and occur outside of normal clinic hours.

Call             602-769-5955

     Does your Colon Therapist have a Arizona State issued license? Ask. All of our Colon Therapists are State Licensed Massage Therapists, each with over 20 years of experience. To have a state license in massage therapy, you must be finger printed, criminal background checked every two years, and many other tests and requirements to the standards in the Arizona State Statutes and Laws. Know your therapist and be safe. If we say it, we must be able to prove it. Your confidence is our concern.

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