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We offer our colonic colonics to the Arizona, Phoenix, Ahwatukee, Florence, Sun Lakes, Queen Creek, Casa Grande, Maricopa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler area. Our Services include colonic irrigation hydrotherapy, Liver Detox, Coffee Inplants, detox & detoxification, Scenar therapy, Cosmodic therapy, enema buckets, lymphatic drainage massage, herbs and herbal solutions, and Voicebio.

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 Cranial-Sacral Therapy 

Cranial-Sacral Is a Balancing Therapy

To Aid Healing through Profound Deep-Relaxation


C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, Founding President,

American Holistic Medical Association

"I have personally witnessed dramatic improvements accomplished by competent craniosacral therapy.

This is a technique which deserves careful consideration."


Benefits: This healing modality encourages the body's own natural healing mechanisms to dissolve the negative effects of trauma & stress.  Cranial Sacral (CS) therapy not only effects structural change, but may increase physical vitality, enhance the body's general well-being & increase resiliency. Cranial-Sacral Balancing Therapy is helpful in:

  • Boosting immune and glandular system function
  • Reducing negative symptoms of stress and tension
  • Enhancing physical and mental performance
  • Reducing chronic neck, back,  and shoulder pain
  • Balancing emotions
  • Reducing the effects of birth trauma
  • Reducing the discomfort of chronic pain
  • Reducing the severity and frequency  of headaches
  • Supporting deep and restful sleep
  • Reducing the discomfort of TMJ dysfunction
  • Rebalancing the cranial-sacral system after whiplash       
  • Effecting releases in emotional trauma or stress-related illness and discomfort
  • Increasing physical vitality and enhance  general well being
  • Harmonizing neurovascular and immune disorders
  • Balancing and preparing mind-body-spirit for surgery,
  • Recovering quicker and easier from surgery

Cranial Sacral Therapy is gentle, subtle, hands-on, & non-invasive therapy.  It aids the release of restrictions throughout the body while creating a profound sense of relaxation.   The rhythm or Energy-Pulse, known as the Cranial-Sacral Rhythm is a core rhythm and structure of the central nervous system & its cerebrospinal fluid system, & its glandular systems that relate to, feed, & affect the entire body as it engages this self-healing process.  CS uses no more than 5 grams of pressure to stimulate the nourishing fluids in rhythmic waves around every cell which is surrounded by what is known as the ?body sock' or connective tissue & interstitial fluid structure.  Fascia connects every cell in the body by creating what is known as the ?body-sock' pathways for lymph & energy to bathe every cell.  This Cranial Sacral Wave of energy & fluids addresses the central nervous system, lymph, and hormones.   The CS energetic-pulse allows healing & balance to occur on many levels. It balances the cerebrospinal system with the immune, lymphatic, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, glandular, connective, muscular, & skeletal systems to encourage substantial improvements.   The use of palpation & listening skills to read energy, follow, & support the unwinding & release of basic dysfunctions & imbalances in the CS rhythm.  CS therapy gently works with the skull, its cranial sutures, meningeal membranes, the Dural tube, the spine, diaphragm, sacrum, & fascia as the body's natural healing pathways. The restrictions of nerve passages are eased as the movement of cerebrospinal fluid through the spinal cord is optimized,  thus allowing  tissues, misaligned bones, & organs to align and balance. Most recipients experience increased physical vitality and improvement of their body's overall well being, opening of their sinuses, increased stamina, & many other benefits.                                                                                   

Connie Waters 480 756 2522 Arizona Natural Health Service   

The CS net work pumps fluids around cells at phenomenal rates, so please drink water before & after treatments.  An Epsom salt bath before bed is also very beneficial.  Dress in loose clothes not jeans.



Not a do it yourself style of colonic.

Treatment and equipment are based upon the famous Dr. Wood's Chicago Clinic. Our licensed therapists are highly trained to perform the therapy. Our systems are closed and gravity flow. Not the do it yourself type. You will not be left alone.

 Emergency Patients

We accept emergency patients, but you must call ahead of time and make arrangements. Specials do not apply to emergency patients and our fee is $80 minimum and $80 per hour after the first hour. Many times these cases are complex, require more time and occur outside of normal clinic hours.

Call             602-769-5955

     Does your Colon Therapist have a Arizona State issued license? Ask. All of our Colon Therapists are State Licensed Massage Therapists, each with over 20 years of experience. To have a state license in massage therapy, you must be finger printed, criminal background checked every two years, and many other tests and requirements to the standards in the Arizona State Statutes and Laws. Know your therapist and be safe. If we say it, we must be able to prove it. Your confidence is our concern.

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