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We offer our colonic colonics to the Arizona, Phoenix, Ahwatukee, Florence, Sun Lakes, Queen Creek, Casa Grande, Maricopa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler area. Our Services include colonic irrigation hydrotherapy, Liver Detox, Coffee Inplants, detox & detoxification, Scenar therapy, Cosmodic therapy, enema buckets, lymphatic drainage massage, herbs and herbal solutions, and Voicebio.

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 Questions & Answers 
  • Is colon hydrotherapy safe?
    Yes. Equipment, if not disposable, is thoroughly sterilised. Water pressure is very low, and pre-filtered. Colon hydrotherapy is not habit-forming, unlike laxatives, and actually improves muscle tone.

  • What is involved?
    Filtered water is slowly introduced under gentle gravitational pressure, through the rectum and into the colon. Aided by massage and breathing techniques, the water begins to soften and cleanse the colon, resulting in faecal matter and old deposits being washed away with all the waste water. The therapist works progressively around the structure of the colon, allowing water to alternatively flow in and release.

    We will preserve the modesty of the patient to the utmost during the process.

  • How long will a treatment take?
    The whole process takes around an hour.

  • Who can benefit from colon hydrotherapy?

  • Is there any preparation?
    No special measures are necessary prior to treatment, although results may be more rapidly achieved by following a colon cleansing program.

  • What results can I expect?
    Most people quickly experience improved mental clarity after treatment. Toxic loads are diminished and elimination improved. A greater feeling of well-being and lightness is felt.

    Obvious relief from constipation, bloating, toxic headaches, painful haemorrhoids and skin problems.

    In the long term, bowel disease risk is lessened and nutrients are better absorbed, leading to improved all round health.

  • How many treatments should I have?
    This will be dependent upon the condition being treated, the individual and the initial results.

    It takes 3 - 4 treatments to cleanse the colon, depending on the condition. We can recommend 6 to 12 treatments over a one or two month period, as a lifetimes build up of deposits cannot be removed in one or two irrigations only.

    Following the course, it is a good idea to have a treatment every three to six months to maintain cleanliness and good elimination. You will be given professional advice on diet and nutrition to suit your individual needs.


Not a do it yourself style of colonic.

Treatment and equipment are based upon the famous Dr. Wood's Chicago Clinic. Our licensed therapists are highly trained to perform the therapy. Our systems are closed and gravity flow. Not the do it yourself type. You will not be left alone.

 Emergency Patients

We accept emergency patients, but you must call ahead of time and make arrangements. Specials do not apply to emergency patients and our fee is $80 minimum and $80 per hour after the first hour. Many times these cases are complex, require more time and occur outside of normal clinic hours.

Call             602-769-5955

     Does your Colon Therapist have a Arizona State issued license? Ask. All of our Colon Therapists are State Licensed Massage Therapists, each with over 20 years of experience. To have a state license in massage therapy, you must be finger printed, criminal background checked every two years, and many other tests and requirements to the standards in the Arizona State Statutes and Laws. Know your therapist and be safe. If we say it, we must be able to prove it. Your confidence is our concern.

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